Gather all of the tools and resources your pain practice needs to code accurately and ensure compliance.

From learning how to create the most strategic ICD-10 transition timelines, to ensuring documentation compliance, to understanding the impact of the 2013 code changes and what that means for your practice in 2014, our experts will offer you solutions to the challenges affecting your pain management practice. Join us at the 14th Annual Pain Management Billing, Coding & Compliance Summit to:

  • Obtain a breakdown of how the 2013 code changes are impacting pain management practices' revenue and look ahead to 2014 changes.
  • Get an overview of HIPAA compliance and what it means for coders.
  • Take the shock out of nerve conduction study codes to ensure you are coding compliantly.
  • Defend your E/M claims from audits.
  • Learn how to report services you won't find in the nervous system chapters.
  • Step inside the O.R. to learn how to connect the dots between the doctor's work, documentation and the way you code claims.

Plus, at our full-day ICD-10 pre-conference, you'll get best practices for implementing a smooth ICD-10 transition so that your practice is ready come October 1, 2014.

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