If you’re a Part A or Part B provider, listen up – this applies to you and it will affect your payments!

CMS just issued the final requirements for the incredibly stringent 60-day overpayment rule, which means harsh penalties for not finding and returning overpayments. You will have 60 days from the time you know OR should have known you received an overpayment to return the money. If you don’t, you’ll face False Claims Act and civil monetary penalty liability totaling thousands of dollars for each claim and exclusion from Medicare – even if the overpayment was unintentional.

You have less than 30 days to prepare – the guidance in this webinar will help you do that.

Register for this must-attend webinar to learn what you need to know to comply with this new rule. After just 90 minutes with our expert, health care attorney Vicki Myckowiak, you will:

No more can you afford to ignore innocent billing and coding errors – they create a serious risk for your practice. For example, CMS states that a provider who accidentally upcodes will be held to the same standard as a provider who does it intentionally.

Don’t let your practice find out the hard way how serious CMS is about collecting overpayments. Act now to avoid simple mistakes that can snowball into thousands of dollars in penalties and protect your payments with the key information you need to be compliant. Register now. Remember, time is not on your side – you have less than 30 days to prepare!

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Your Expert Presenter

Vicki MyckowiakVicki Myckowiak, Esq.

Vicki Myckowiak focuses her practice on representing medical groups on issues such as compliance programs, fraud and abuse investigations, reimbursement, third-party-payer audits, coverage issues and contracts. She has helped implement compliance programs for dozens of practices and medical billing companies across the country. She is a popular speaker at events such as DecisionHealth’s specialty coding, compliance and reimbursement symposium.