Take comfort in E/M coding and relieve undercoding fears to collect the full revenue your practice deserves

Drop your undercoding fears and discover the freedom to assign the appropriate high-level E/M codes on your claims to ensure full reimbursement with the proven tips and strategies you’ll receive in these 60 minutes.

Fear is a powerful motivator. So powerful that, according to its latest report on E/M coding, CMS found practices forfeited more than $1.2 billion in 2015 because they downcoded services – they intentionally chose a lower-level code than their work warranted. Why would they do that? Fear of an audit.

Don’t let fear drive your coding!

Register for our webinar today as nationally recognized coding expert Doris Branker delivers practical strategies to help you code the correct E/M  level, as well as adopt internal controls, to ensure full reimbursement and avoid leaving significant money on the table. After just 60 minutes with our expert, you will be able to:

Don’t sacrifice deserved revenue because of audit fear. Register today to gain the upper hand on your current coding and billing practices and learn proven strategies to avoid losing out on appropriate revenue as a result of undercoding your claims.

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Your Expert Presenter

Jeanne J. ChamberlinDoris Branker

Doris Branker is president of DB Healthcare Consulting, a practice management consulting firm that also offers medical coding preparation camps. Doris is a nationally recognized educator, coding expert and practice management consultant, as well as an approved educator and PMCC licensed instructor with the AAPC. Her areas of expertise include medical coding, compliance, auditing, billing and collections management. She holds specialty certifications in E/M, Interventional Radiology and Cardiovascular coding.

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The Board of Medical Specialty Coding & Compliance has approved 1 continuing education unit for this webinar. (ACS or SCP)

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