Prepare your orthopedic practice for important 2016 CPT code and Medicare billing changes, including new codes for spine, hip and pelvic X-rays, paravertebral block injections and infusions and more.

Orthopedic practices need guidance early to understand all the effects of code changes in the musculoskeletal, radiology and nervous system sections. This year, key changes include new codes for spine and hip X-rays, paravertebral facet blocks and E/M prolonged service codes. Practices need a working knowledge of the new and revised codes now so they can begin to use them properly Jan. 1 - there is no grace period.

Learn how the new and revised codes work to ensure accurate reporting and catch any mistakes on claims. Gain a clear understanding of any changes to ortho codes in the final Medicare physician fee schedule, such as how Medicare will value the new codes.

Join coding expert and consulting editor Margie Scalley Vaught during this 60-minute webinar to:

  • Learn how to accurately select radiological imaging codes for spine, hip and pelvis now that these codes have been overhauled in CPT 2016
  • Get guidance on when to use the new paravertebral facet block codes and what must be documented to report them
  • Learn about the new and revised E/M prolonged services codes and how they should be used
  • Find out about key changes in the final 2016 Medicare physician fee schedule that will impact orthopedic practices

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